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These terms, conditions and set of clauses (herein after, the Terms and Conditions) shall apply to any and all products offered by Authentic Mexico Tours, whether through www.authenticmexicotours.com or any other means. Purchase by a paying customer of such products constitutes unreserved acceptance and agreeance to the entirety of these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.

Authentic Mexico Tours may, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, modify the contents of these Terms and Conditions and of any specific condition that may exist.

Authentic Mexico Tours offers through its website, or will make electronically available, a detailed description of the product offered before the client pays for such product or any type of transaction is completed. Purchasing a product implies acceptance and agreeance to the description of such product, together with its inclusions, exclusions, and specific conditions.

Authentic Mexico Tours may outsource providing specific services or products to third parties, without the necessity to inform so beforehand to the guest. These outsourced products and services can be, but are not limited to, catamarans and other water means of transportation, ground vehicles for transportation, access to parks, archaeological sites and natural attractions, and hotels for accommodation.

Clients who purchase products with Authentic Mexico Tours are hereby informed that specific policies and conditions apply for each of the products on offer, and purchase of the product implies unreserved acceptance and agreeance to them.

Authentic Mexico Tours may change the product prices as it deems necessary, without prior notice to any interested party. As a result, users or clients, when accessing websites showing the prices of Authentic Mexico Tours products, must make sure that these are the most recent websites and not an older version stored in the browser’s cache. It is for this reason that when viewing the prices of the products, the user agrees to click on the “Update” icon. If not, Authentic Mexico Tours shall not be liable for any discrepancies between the product price shown and the latest price, the latter of which shall be applied.

Availability is guaranteed for any and all products offered. When a product or tour reaches its full capacity, Authentic Mexico Tours commits to exclude or otherwise limit the booking capability through its website. Some products may need a minimum number of guests to sustain operation of such product; when the minimum is not reached, Authentic Mexico Tours agrees to refund 100% of the price paid by those guests who did purchase the product, with enough time to allow travelers to make other arrangements. This period of time can vary with each product offered, and its length is unilaterally established by Authentic Mexico Tours.

Products purchased from Authentic Mexico Tours can be cancelled by the customer under the following conditions:

Related to Group Travel (Guelaguetza Experience):


Group Travel can be booked with a 30% deposit, either through the website or by reaching out to Authentic Mexico Tours directly.

Payment of the deposit means you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. 

Cooling off period

Cooling Off Period: Provided the trip is booked 45+ days in advance, you can cancel your trip and receive a refund on your deposit, if the cancellation is made within 2 weeks (14 days) of payment of your deposit.

A cancellation made when the trip is due to commence in 44 days or less is not eligible for the cooling off period. To be eligible for cooling off, the cancellation must happen 45+ days in advance of the trip.

Transferable Deposits: You can cancel your trip at any time before the trip starts and transfer the minimum deposit amount to any booking.

Payment of the trip

Final payment is due 45 days prior to the trip departure date. 

Making a booking 45 days or less before trip departure will require full payment in order to hold your spot on the trip and is not eligible for cooling off conditions.

On full payment, you will receive your pre-departure information.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation of your booking often does not allow time for the re-sale of your space on the trip.

However, with our Lifetime Deposit Guarantee, you will never lose your deposit. No matter when you cancel – so long as the trip hasn’t started, you keep your trip deposit as a credit to be applied to future trips.


Cancellation 45 days or more prior to departure: Retain trip minimum deposit as a credit; refund all other monies paid.

Cancellation between 30 and 44 days: You will retain the trip minimum deposit as a credit, and receive 40% of the trip price/monies paid as a refund. 

Cancellation between 0 and 29 days: You will retain the trip minimum deposit as a credit.

Most cancellations happen due to unfortunate circumstances, such as sickness or bereavement, but we cannot adjust our policy for these circumstances. We have in the past tried to accommodate for these events, but the cost of covering these cancellations was financially unsustainable and caused the majority of trips to run at a loss. Sourcing replacement guests is difficult and campaigns to fill last minute spots rarely succeed. For this reason: If you wish to be covered for cancellations, this must be organised with an external insurance provider. 

Any refund, be it part or whole, will be based on the payment originally received in our bank account — that amount is the gross amount on which any refund will be based. If the client leaves the trip voluntarily after its commencement, there will be no refund.


Credits are transferable to any other trip or guest, but they are not refundable.


There are no refunds for any part of the trip not used, including (but not limited to) meals, activities, or any other services.

Related to Custom Travel:

Specific terms and conditions for cancelation of each specific experience will be made available to the customer before payment is received by Authentic Mexico Tours – issuance of payment by the customer, whether full or partial, implies a booking commitment and irrevocable, full acceptance of such terms and conditions.

As exemption to these conditions, both for day tours and multi-day tours, refunds will apply when execution of services purchased cannot be performed for reasons classified as force majeure – which include but are not limited to natural disasters or other acts of God, riots, road closures, severe weather affecting sea-related activities or strikes.

In the case where a client does not use the product without prior cancellation, no refunds, exchanges or any form of liability towards Authentic Mexico Tours shall apply.

Users that have any questions or comments about products before or after purchase, may communicate with Authentic Mexico Tours via email (info@authenticmexicotours.com), via the phone number (+52) 1 998 2428942, or via any of Authentic Mexico Tours’ social network accounts, as made available through the website.

When a product is purchased, Authentic Mexico Tours’ main form of communication with the guest will be via the email provided by the customer. If the customer provides a false or otherwise unreachable email and this causes the guest to miss confirmation of purchase or any other important communications related to the product purchased, Authentic Mexico Tours will not be held liable for the customer not being able to use the product. If Authentic Mexico Tours so considers, is entitled to resell the product without any further liability towards the company.

Authentic Mexico Tours is an independent intermediary between the end user and services provided. In the event of a problem, the user must contact Authentic Mexico Tours so that it may take the appropriate actions.

Authentic Mexico Tours disclaims all liability that may arise from the improper use by internet users of its website and the online purchasing process, or its social media content.

It also disclaims all liability for any potential harm caused by third parties that are not attributable to Authentic Mexico Tours.

Authentic Mexico Tours shall not be liable for any interruptions, delays, errors or malfunctions in the services, or in general for any other inconveniences that are caused for reasons beyond its control and/or that are due to the user’s malice or negligence, and/or that result from force majeure or acts of God.

Any links or hyperlinks shown that are external to Authentic Mexico Tours are for information purposes only and are beyond the control of Authentic Mexico Tours, which shall not be liable for the information contained therein, or the use in such websites.

I, as a paying customer, am aware of the risk involved in the purchased activity and accept this risk. I understand and agree that Authentic Mexico Tours is a consultant, intermediary and coordinating agent for travel arrangements, and that neither Authentic Mexico Tours, nor their respective parent companies, subsidiaries or any entities related to one or more of these entities, nor the respective officers, agents, employees, successor or assignees hereafter collectively referred to as the companies are affiliated with the supplier that is offering, sponsoring or providing the activity. I understand and agree that the companies do not make any representations, either expressed or implied, regarding the supplier, its operations or the safety of any activities it is offering. I understand and agree that the companies are not and may not be held liable in any way for any injury or accident that may occur.

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